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The Happy Wellness Room


  • Water helps the brain manufacture hormones and neurotransmitters, regulates body temperature through sweating and respiration, acts as shock absorber for brain and spinal cord, digestion, helps deliver oxygen to the body, lubricates joints, flushes waste from the body, helps cells grow and reproduce and survive, moistens mucosal membranes, forms saliva. People with more muscle have more water, people with more fat have less water, babies (up to one year) have more water.

  • Dehydration: No one knows where the “8 glasses a day” came from. Now, it’s recommended to drink one ounce daily for each pound of body weight. Soda and caffeine act as diuretics, removing extra fluid and sodium from the body, which has to be replaced. Yellow urine is dehydrated; clear or almost clear is hydrated. Vitamins and herbs can cause color changes. “The more buff you are (muscle tissue stores more water) the wetter you are. Because women generally have more fat cells, they tend to be a bit drier. Fat cells aren't as moist. The water that lubricates your joints, flushes your waste (I'm talking about pee), assists seminal reproduction, and absorbs shocks to your bones — as you age, the moisturizer in you slowly dwindles” (

I chose the beach/ocean theme because, well, I like it. It’s calming, soothing, and reassuring to many people. Scientific evidence has shown people living near water live longer and more peacefully. “when shown images of nature, there was an increase of alpha waves in the brain with a corresponding increase in serotonin levels (the happy hormone). p. 329. Book quoted is Your brain on nature. Tons of benefits, but quoted from second-hand sources. Perhaps, some of my visitors will benefit from seeing the pictures, visualize themselves in that place, and begin the adventure of stress/self-care balance.

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